I am a tech-savvy student, that is involved with anything technology and leadership. I began my journey when I was in 8th grade and I joined a youth leadership group called Voices For Change. With V4C, I lead a group of students to learn about the dangers behind distracted driving – using technology in the car. We visited Maryland’s Shock Trauma Center to learn about their established program: Don’t Drive Distracted. Howard County Library was gracious enough to allow a 3D presentation by V4C at one of their local branches. Upon arriving at High School, I was informed that all the teachers were given new Macintosh computers – which they were not used to. I offered after-school lessons for those teachers who were interested in improving their technology skills. Following that time, I became webmaster for my school’s SGA, The Howard County Association of Student Councils, and V4C. This past year has been insane. In October, I was a panelist for Howard County Library’s Choose Civility event, OMG to AARP: Bridging the Multi-Generational Divide. It was about how technology is changing our civil, or lack there of, habits. Following that, HCPSS launched a Bring Your Own Device Program. I was asked to be a student member on the task force regarding the new program. In V4C, we have an intense area of focus on harassment and bullying. I have been a strong advocate for Sprigeo, which is a reporting app for those who have been bullied. Over the course of the year working with the Sprigeo team, I was offered a position as a youth member on the Howard County Local’s Children Board. In February, I was honored to be a student panelist at EdSurge’s first conference in Baltimore, where teachers learned about new and improving tech programs. I love technology – and everything I do somehow has a core root in it! While I’m not in school, at after school activities, developing PD technology sessions, or sleeping, I love playing piano, and listening to my favorite band Fleetwood Mac (yes they truly are my favorite band – I turned my parents on to them, not the other way around!)!


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