A real article!

I am still in disbelief that I just wrote an article for a credible educational source! Well, if I can write for it, I’m not certain about it’s credibility anymore! I am glad to have written this article because it is exactly what I want educators to know about implementing edtech – keep it simple. It shouldn’t feel like a burden, it shouldn’t feel like a hassle: it should feel natural. I hope I convey that message well enough that teachers will believe me!

I think it is time to start implementing technology into the classroom in ways that were once unimaginable. We are just getting started, but some teachers are afraid to get the ball rolling. I challenge teachers who are afraid to just try it. Worst comes to worst, that edtech program doesn’t work, and the teacher moves on. But if it’s something that is easy to use, and the teacher and the students fall in love with it, the benefits are unbelievable. However, the teacher afraid of trying to implement edtech won’t understand the kind of benefits that can be achieved.


Here’s the article.


Technology is Changing How Students Learn

Technology is Changing How Students Learn

It’s so true! Many people fail to realize that technology is shaping the minds of students in ways that were unimaginable. We are continuing to follow a model that was developed centuries ago, and it doesn’t foster inquiring minds for the 21st century. However, many educators have the wrong perception about how technology is changing learning. I think it is incredibly important for teachers to know that entertainment is not how you teach to the 21st century learner. Garnering the attention of people, in general, may be difficult now – but it isn’t difficult if students are actively engaged in their learning.

This was a fascinating article that got me thinking!